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Do you want to learn Spanish?

Learning Spanish with our methodology will be easy and dinamic.

At  The Yap, we use Spanish to comunicate with you from the  first lesson. We have been teaching for over 10 years and we know how to do it.

At The Yap we teach languages using a communicative and action-oriented method. We create activities that will be aligned with language, culture and its context in Spain.

At The Yap  we use Spanish to communicate with you from day one.  We prefer to focus on the notion that language is, first and foremost, about communication and culture, and much more than just using grammar and vocabulary correctly with no context.

Spanish is the key that will allow you to integrate definitively into the life and culture of Spain.

With our method you will learn Spanish efectivetly and  with the flexibility online teaching gives you.

Take a look at the schedules of our lessons and choose one that best suits your circumstances.

Who is behind the Spanish lessons?

Elena will be by at your side right throughout your time speaking Spanish at the Yap

Have you just arrived in Spain and feel that Spanish can help you achieve your professional and social goals?

Have you looked for different ways of learning but none of them suits your real needs?

Would you like to be fluent in Spanish to make it easier for you to expand your social and professional circle in Spain?

Take action and find out you can communicate from the day one

#theyaplanguage learn by communicating

Evolve professionally!

Only if you change the beliefs that languages are learned by studying verbs, repeating vocabulary,… you can multiply your professional visibility and activate your real growth (professional and personal).

aprende español ya

Here are our Spanish courses....

Spanish one to one

curso español general para particulares

#theyaplanguage learn by communicating

Spanish General Lessons

Our General Spanish courses are ongoing courses that are developed throughout the academic year, so you can enroll in any of them at any time.

After completing a level-test interview with the teacher, you can join a group that best corresponds to your level and schedule.

Each class has a clear focus on oral communication in a relaxed and supportive environment that aims to help students build their confidence in expressing themselves.

Enjoy learning!

  •  Online mode
  • At your own pace.
  • Check the timetables.

One to one lessons

We offer flexible one to one lessons.

Group learning

We’ll set up small groups with a maximum of four people


Conversation courses

In our conversation courses you will strengthen your oral skills and learn to communicate with more confidence and tranquility in a pleasant environment.

In class we will talk about current topics with the support of material taken from the Internet, newspapers, etc., in addition to any other topic that may interest you.

  • Online mode
  • At your own pace .
  • With activities aligned to the culture and context of the English-speaking world.
  • Check out our available schedules


We offer English classes one to one


We’ll set up small groups with a maximum of four people

curso español para universitarios

#theyaplanguage aprende comunicándote

Español para universidad

¿Te has planteado venir a estudiar a España? ¿Estás en España y necesitas ayuda para perfeccionar tus textos académicos?

Planifica tus estudios, nosotras te ayudamos con el español para que saques el mayor provecho a tu estancia en España. Nuestros cursos de español para universidad están enfocados en la expresión escrita y oral en el ámbito académico.

  • Modalidad online.
  • A tu ritmo.
  • Con actividades alineadas a la cultura española y tu contexto en España.
  • Consulta los horarios disponibles.


Te ofrecemos aprender español individualmente​


Establecemos grupos reducidos de máximo 4 personas.

#theyaplanguage aprende comunicándote

Preparation Courses for DELE Exams

At The Yap we understand that oral and written expression skills are the ones that need the most support and follow-up from a teacher in contrast to comprehension skills, in which the student can be more independent when preparing the exam.

That is why we offer you a specialized course in both these skills to help you gain confidence when facing the exam

  • Online mode
  • At your pace
  • Check out our available schedules




Estableceremos grupos reducidos de máximo 4 personas.

Our Spanish language programs for one to one are for you if:

Spanish for Business and Companies

cursos español general empresa

#theyaplanguage aprende comunicándote

Tailor-made Spanish courses

Do you need the employees and managers of your company to be able to function in Spanish without difficulty in their work environment?


In our tailor-made  courses we will adapt to the specific needs of the company and its employees, both in individual classes and in small group classes. With our course programs focused on communicative teaching, students will learn to function in their work environment, acquiring tools to make presentations, attend meetings or congresses, write effective emails, etc. in Spanish from the first day. Likewise, we will monitor the learning of the students through periodic reports of their progress in the language so that their learning is as effective as possible.

  • .

    • Blended or face to face mode
    • At the pace and level of the group.
    • Close attention paid to correct level placement of students.
    • Well-designed activities and tasks aimed to stimulate individual and group learning.

#theyaplanguage aprende comunicándote

Cursos con fines específicos

Nuestros cursos de español con fines específicos están centrados en dar herramientas a las empresas para adquirir destrezas lingüísticas y vocabulario concreto del sector empresarial al que dedican su actividad.

Tras una primera toma de contacto con la empresa para conocer dichas necesidades concretas, la profesora elaborará un programa que abarque todos los aspectos lingüísticos más relevantes del sector, de manera que el equipo de tu empresa se sientan cómodo y confiado a la hora de relacionarse con las empresas del sector de habla hispana.   

  • Modalidad semipresencial o presencial.
  • Al ritmo o nivel del grupo.
  • Estudiaremos el nivel del grupo para asegurar una buena evolución.
  • Con actividades perfectamente pensadas y tareas a realizar  por el grupo.
  • Consulta los horarios disponibles.

Our SPANish language programs for PROFESSIONALS are for your organisation if:

Frequently asked questions

You can pay your teacher using two methods.

Either by bank transfer or Paypal.

All courses have a monthly fee to be paid between the 1st and 10th of each month.

Send us an email telling us that you would like to take a level test. Elena, Ciarán, Marie or Julia will contact you for a videoconference interview to help you choose the course that best suits your level.


If you wish to cancel your course, you must give your teacher at least 15 days notice before the beginning of the following month.

In no case will the monthly fee for the month started be refunded.


The classes are given by videoconference via ZOOM .

Your teacher will indicate the material that will be used for reference. This manual is not included in the course price.

We will also use personalised activities that will be sent to you free of charge by email or ZOOM.

The courses are aimed at adult students and professionals over the age of 18.

Take the step, contac us!

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